HIV Prevention and Care

HIV disproportionately affects Indigenous populations and there are significant health concerns related to the impact of HIV on Indigenous health and wellness. Exacerbated by the impact of colonialism and discriminatory policies, stigma, and gaps in the health system, effective and appropriate HIV prevention and care is needed among Indigenous communities across Canada.

Dignitas is working to develop strong partnerships that support HIV prevention and care for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. The Indigenous HIV Prevention and Care Project explored the role of an organization like Dignitas to support the delivery of HIV prevention and care among Indigenous communities in Canada. As part of this project, the following was developed:

  • Literature Review focused on existing gaps in HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and services amongst rural and remote communities.
  • An Interim Report that highlights approximately 30 key consultations with AIDS Service Organizations, policy representatives, national experts, and community members to better understand promising practices in HIV prevention and care.
  • Feasibility Report that brings together all phases of the project, including recommendations on program and partnership opportunities, which may also be of relevance to other International Non-Government Organizations.

The Indigenous HIV Prevention and Care Project demonstrated that there are a variety of roles for an organization like Dignitas to support HIV prevention and care in partnership with Indigenous organizations and communities. We look forward to building upon this work while ensuring that future programming is driven and led by Indigenous communities affected by HIV.

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