Indigenous Health

Indigenous people experience significantly higher rates of chronic and infectious diseases than the general population in Canada. For example, type 2 diabetes rates are 3 to 5 times higher in First Nations populations.

Indigenous Health Partners Program: Integrated Health Care, Research and Knowledge Translation

In 2014, we launched our Indigenous Health Partners Program in partnership with Indigenous communities to deliver innovative and culturally appropriate health solutions in some of Canada’s most remote and underserved communities. After completing a feasibility study, we affirmed that Dignitas could play a meaningful role in partnering with Indigenous organizations and communities.

We acknowledge the historical and current factors that have led to the health and wellness challenges that Indigenous people in Canada experience. We support the right of Indigenous people to determine their own health needs and to have ownership of the health system that serves their communities.

The Indigenous Health Partners Program incorporates a Knowledge Translation framework. We work with Indigenous leaders and health professionals to identify health care challenges, then develop and study solutions based on global best practices and local knowledge. By piloting and testing this work, we generate evidence that can be applied on a broader scale.


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