Teen Club

Transforming Lives at Teen Club

Being a teen can be tough,
but growing up HIV+ is even more challenging.

Youth living with HIV are particularly vulnerable to stigma and face gaps between pediatric and adult care. As a result, teens with HIV are deterred from seeking treatment are more likely to drop out of care.

Dignitas helps HIV+ teens in Malawi through a program called Teen Club. The club offers a safe space for teens to receive their medications, play interactive games, learn about their unique health challenges and form supportive peer relationships.


Teen Club is having a measurable impact. Our research has shown that adolescents who go to Teen Club are 3.7 times more likely to stay on treatment than those who don’t. Dignitas is currently reaching 3,800 HIV+ teens in 50 Teen Clubs.

Read more about the study in the Journal of the International AIDS Society.

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A donation of $60 means that a teen can attend Teen Club for an entire year.

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