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Dear senators: Pass Bill C-393 now and save lives [Globe and Mail], March 18, 2011 By K’NAAN, STEPHEN LEWIS, JAMES ORBINSKI and RICHARD ELLIOTT Special to Globe and Mail Update Just a few days ago, something incredible happened on Parliament Hill. With the support of MPs from all parties, the House of Commons passed Bill C-393 to make it easier for people in developing countries to

African Teenage Girls Get World Bank Cash to Put School Over Sugar Daddies [Bloomberg]

Bloomberg, March 15, 2011 By Simon Clark Sandra Tembo walks past a billboard on her way to Mbare vegetable market in Harare, Zimbabwe, that gives advice she says friends can’t afford to follow: “Your future is brighter without a sugar daddy.” “I’m sure they realize the risk,” Tembo, a 20-year-old dressmaking student, said of the

Activist pleased bill for cheaper AIDS drugs OK’d [Peterborough Examiner]

The Peterborough Examiner, March 10, 2011 By Galen Eagle Bernice Standen, a Peterborough “granny,” hooted and hollered as Canada set the stage Wednesday to send cheap, lifesaving medicine to Africa. “Incredible, isn’t it,” she said from her Gilmour St. home. “I am so grateful for all the people who helped make this happen.” Standen is

K’naan to MPs: Voting down generic-drug bill would be slight to world’s poor; Musician urges politicians to pass legislation that would make medication widely available [Globe and Mail], March 9, 2011 By Gloria Galloway Musician K’naan says a bill that would remove the roadblocks preventing cheap generic copies of life-saving drugs for the world’s poorest countries is a matter of fundamental human justice. Federal MPs will cast a final vote Wednesday on Bill C-393, an NDP private- member’s bill that would fix

Orbinski tells Guelph students he’s not a saint, not a soldier [Guelph Mercury]

The Guelph Mercury, February 10, 2011 By Drew Halfnight GUELPH — He has spoken before the United Nations Security Council, the World Health Organization, the Norwegian Nobel Committee and several national parliaments. On Thursday, one of the world’s foremost humanitarians added another esteemed audience to his resumé, addressing students at Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School

Global Health Corps with Barbara Bush [Embassy of the United States, Lilongwe, Malawi]

Embassy of the United States, Lilongwe, Malawi (, February 2011 U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Lisa Vickers welcomed Global Health Corps (GHC) President & Co-founder Barbara Bush and past and present GHC fellows to the Public Affairs auditorium on January 26. Vickers praised the tremendous success of “this innovative public health training program for American and Malawian

If I could write a rap song about HIV [Toronto Star]

Toronto Star, December 1, 2010 By Dr. Jane Philpott Most of my friends and colleagues know about my crush on K’naan. But it’s not the dreamy eyes and jet-black curls that melt my heart. What I adore are the lyrics of a genius that can at once educate me, inspire me and move me to