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ivari supports Dignitas’ Aboriginal Health Partners Program

A big thank you to our friends at ivari Canada for their wonderful support of Dignitas’ Aboriginal Health Partners Program. The support of ivari, and our other generous funders, will play a key role in building this much needed program, aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal people living with diabetes in remote, resource limited communities where Type 2 diabetes is estimated at 25 per cent.

“At ivari, we have a close understanding of the health issues that most affect Canadians across the country, including those living in remote communities where chronic diseases such as diabetes are among the leading causes of mortality,” says Mike Daicoff, VP, Application Development & IT, and Co-Chair of ivari’s Charitable Giving Committee. “That’s why we believe it is crucial to support innovative organizations like Dignitas International. Initiatives like their Aboriginal Health Partners Program can truly make a difference in the prevention and elimination of chronic conditions in Canada.”

Click here to learn more about our Aboriginal Health Partners Program.

Dignitas Internationalivari supports Dignitas’ Aboriginal Health Partners Program