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The Youth Leader

Yi-Min Chun was introduced to Dignitas after reading Dr. James Orbinski’s book, An Imperfect Offering.

The book fundamentally changed the way she understood humanitarian work and inspired her to join the Dignitas Youth chapter at the University of Toronto.

Yi-Min went on to serve as chapter president from 2011 through 2014. In addition to raising funds and awareness for Dignitas, Yi-Min has used her skills as a medical illustrator to produce powerful infographics to highlight the organization’s programmatic impacts.

She has also been instrumental in mobilizing her peers across Canada to take action on HIV and AIDS. In 2014 the Ontario Council for International Cooperation recognized Yi-Min as a Global Changemaker for her work with Dignitas.

Yi-Min is inspired by Dignitas’ s “continual search for interventions, strategies and tools that can enhance the quality and coverage of health systems and services.” Dignitas has deepened her understanding and passion for global health. Our approach has helped her to see the value of a long-term commitment to supporting communities.

For Yi-Min, “safeguarding the right to health and dignity of every individual “ is the basis for achieving equitable health care.

“The work Dignitas does can help spread these principles across the globe.”

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