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Canadian singer-songwriter and Dignitas supporter Leslie Feist recently travelled to Malawi to see our medical and research programs firsthand. Leslie met patients, health care workers and researchers working to improve health care for people in the country’s southeast region.

Leslie visited our Tisungane Clinic, spent time with HIV+ teens at one of our Teen Clubs and met mothers who had given birth to healthy HIV-free babies thanks to Dignitas. Leslie also travelled to a rural village where she saw the impact of Dignitas’s community-access model of care which has helped hundreds of thousands of people gain access to treatment for HIV and TB close to home.

“After stepping through the door Dignitas opened to me, I feel woken up to some facts I had long been avoiding. The whole question of “how to help” feels simpler and less abstract now, and is contextualized by gratitude and respect rather than an abstracted guilt around our disproportionate world.

What I saw of Dignitas’s work in Malawi was so absolutely tangible and detailed and pragmatic, yet undertaken with guts and fortitude and an absolute respect for the humanity of the people they’re working with. There’s a beautiful synergy to this kind of exchange between resource and need… the payback to all of us over here is in working to right an unnatural distribution of opportunity the first world has bought into as normal. It’s refreshing, and in the hands of the calibre of people with Dignitas, it’s possible.”

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