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As a member of the Rotary Club of Uxbridge, Charles (Chuck) Taylor has helped facilitate Rotary’s extraordinary support for Dignitas. Over the years, Rotarians have raised more than half a million dollars for the organization’s programs.

For Chuck, “the most rewarding part of being a supporter is knowing that there are individuals who I will never meet who are going to have better lives” as a result of Dignitas’s efforts.

Chuck first heard about Dignitas at a talk given by co-founder Dr. James Orbinski in 2006. After doing some research, he discovered that Uxbridge Rotarians had helped fund the organization’s start-up back in 2004. He was immediately compelled by the story and the possibility of achieving an AIDS-free generation.

Chuck is inspired by Dignitas’s potential for global impact. “Not only are you achieving results in Malawi,” he says, “but your work is setting an example that can help with the fight against HIV worldwide. You have the capacity to influence global health policy.” He is motivated by the fact that Dignitas’s research is fundamentally changing the way health care is delivered in Africa.

Chuck believes that if you are “delivering health care and ensuring that everyone who needs HIV drugs gets them, then you are giving people the ability to survive and grow.” Chuck’s commitment to spreading the word and raising funds for Dignitas is guided by his core beliefs.

“I believe basic health care is a human right and I’m distressed that it’s not always seen that way.”

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