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Dr. Sumeet Sodhi, Senior Research Scientist, has worked with Dignitas since 2006. Along with her colleagues, she conducts research that aims to improve health care for Malawians and others facing similar disease burdens. Sumeet’s work is a combination of patient-centered and systems research.

Patient-centered research focuses on patient perceptions, health outcomes, timeliness of care and barriers to accessing medical services.

“You can have the best treatment available but if patients don’t accept that treatment, or if they don’t like the taste of it, or if they feel it’s going to cause stigma, then it’s just not going to work in the real world,” says Sumeet.

Systems research investigates the effect of different models for delivering care and assesses optimal strategies for addressing health inequities.

According to Sumeet, Dignitas is unique because “we both deliver health care and conduct research.”

“This gives us credibility and allows us to develop recommendations that are feasible on the ground.”

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