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Edson Mwinjiwa is working on solving a pressing challenge in Malawi – rising deaths related to cryptococcal meningitis, which is common in people living with HIV.

“On average cryptococcal meningitis kills seven out of 10 HIV+ patients,” says Edson.

As a clinical officer, Edson has been treating patients with Dignitas since 2006.  Now he is helping to coordinate the CryptoDex Study in Malawi.

“This clinical trial aims at finding an effective treatment for cryptococcal meningitis by using a new drug combination.  An inexpensive and readily available drug called dexamethasone is being added to the standard treatment to see if it will help to reduce mortality,” he explains.

Edson appreciates the role that research and innovation play in helping to improve health care delivery.

“With research, we are able to create evidence-based solutions that are directly fed into our programs to improve patient outcomes,” he says.

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