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Alice Kadzanja is far too familiar with the devastation of AIDS. Having lost two brothers, a sister, a daughter and countless friends, there is no part of her life that hasn’t been touched by the epidemic.

In 1994, Alice tested positive for HIV.  Today, she runs our Health Care Worker clinic and provides discreet and confidential HIV-related care to other health care workers and their families.  She has served with Dignitas since our very start in 2004.

As a nurse, Alice takes care of people without a second thought – patients, fellow health care workers and her family.  She understands that many health care workers avoid testing and treatment because they don’t want to be stigmatized by the communities that depend on them. “Before we established a dedicated clinic for health care workers, too many were dying or were very sick and unable to serve their nation in their profession,” says Alice.

For every nurse like Alice that is kept healthy and strong because of HIV treatment, Dignitas is also impacting

thousands of patients who depend on that nurse when they visit their local health centre for routine care. The best part of Alice’s job is being able to use her personal experience to educate others and calm their anxieties.  “People see that I’m healthy despite my HIV status and it gives them hope,” she explains.

The second best part of the job? Learning. “In medicine we always learn about new treatments and better ways of providing care. Dignitas has really helped us improve how we take care of our patients,” says Alice.

Alice is a beacon of hope for her peers and a living result of our work over the past decade.

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