About Dignitas International

At Dignitas, we build resilient health systems and advance the right to health for marginalized people and underserved communities.

We’ve come a long way since 2003…

For the past 15 years, Dignitas International has made significant contributions to global health.


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Our work in Malawi’s South East Zone and with Indigenous communities in Northern Canada has been guided by our mission to improve health care for people facing a high burden of disease and unequal access to health services. Our model of care has ensured that what we’ve learned in these regions is translated into policies that inform how health care is delivered around the world.

Dignitas Wind Down

In the coming weeks, Dignitas will be winding down its operations in Malawi and transitioning current projects, programs and research to to larger international organizations and universities. Learn more by reading this letter from the Chair of our Board of Directors, Jennifer Keenan.

The decision to wind down was extremely difficult, but every effort has been made to mitigate any damages or disruption to the people we serve. Ultimately, it reflects the strong partnerships we have built in that front-line work in Malawi can now be carried out by the Malawian Ministry of Health and other international NGOs.

Dignitas International’s Story

This short film tells our story in Malawi through the eyes of our founders, field staff, supporters, and the people we serve. It’s our way of sharing with you the incredible impact of your support.

Thank You

Thank you for believing in and supporting our mission to advance the right to health for vulnerable people and marginalized communities in the most under-resourced corners of the world. Because of you, we improved health outcomes in the lives of millions of people with ripple effects that we are proud will carry on.

An AIDS-free generation is possible. Thanks to you, we are so much closer than ever before.