Right to Health Youth Forum

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Royal St. George’s College
120 Howland Ave

Toronto, ON M5R 3B5

The Right to Health Youth Forum, in partnership with Royal St George’s, will bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and educators  for a day to explore and engage on issues relating to health as a human right.

In the spirit of reconciliation and learning, we invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous senior-level secondary students, post-secondary students and educators to participate in a day of leadership education about health as a human right. Leading Indigenous health experts will present their share their insights into the historical and current factors that that have led to Indigenous people to experience many challenges to their health and wellness.

This year’s theme is Indigenous Health: Voices from the Field. Funds raised at the Forum will support Dignitas International’s Indigenous Health Partners Program.

Sign up TODAY to:

  • Receive educational resources to learn more about Indigenous health
  • Attend the Forum where you’ll hear from an Expert Panel and participate in a breakout session of your choice
  • Access our Community Partner Marketplace to meet local organizations working in the field of Indigenous health
  • Connect with Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and educators looking to make a difference
  • Take action to support the health and well-being of Indigenous communities




About Dignitas International and the Indigenous Health Partners Program

At Dignitas our mission is to innovate sustainable solutions to global health challenges, build resilient health systems, and advance the right to health for marginalized people and underserved communities. We believe in the inherent dignity of every human being and that the right to health belongs to everyone.

Our unique integrated operating model works in three ways to build strong health systems that deliver quality care for communities facing a high burden of disease and unequal access to services. We:

  • work on the frontlines with patients and health workers to deliver medical care and treatment where it’s needed most.
  • conduct high-impact research and foster innovation to strengthen health systems.
  • advocate for equitable health policy using evidence generated from research and clinical practice.

Launched at the height of the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, Dignitas has helped improve access to lifesaving health care for more than 3.6 million people in Malawi including implementing Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. CHW programs have been successfully deployed around the world to address a broad spectrum of health needs, particularly in remote and rural communities where there is often a shortage of highly trained health workers. CHWs are often members of the community they serve and therefore speak the local language and possess a deeper understanding of the cultural practices and issues impacting that community.

With this knowledge and expertise, Dignitas launched the Indigenous Health Partners Program (IHPP) in 2014 with the help of partners to apply our experience working in rural and remote communities to tackle the diabetes epidemic faced by Indigenous communities in Canada.

 Community Partners

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