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What happened to Bill C-393? [Varsity]

Parliament’s attempt to kill a bill that will give cheap drugs to AIDS sufferers in Africa The Varsity, November 29, 2010 By Sahar Golshan What has the support of 80 per cent of Canadians, could improve the lives of millions, yet is being destroyed in the House of Commons? The answer: Bill C-393. In observance

Atwood, K’naan back affordable medicine for world’s poor [Globe and Mail]

Novelist and rapper support bill to facilitate sale of generic drugs still under patent to developing countries Globe & Mail, October 29, 2010 By Gloria Galloway Politicians are arguing whether a flawed federal program to send cut-rate medicine to the world’s poorest countries can and should be fixed, but K’naan has made it clear where

Lifeline for patients in jeopardy [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawa Citizen, October 28, 2010 By Rachel Kiddell-Monroe, James Orbinski and Richard Elliott One week after failing to win a seat on the UN Security Council, can Canada do better on the international stage by fulfilling a promise made years ago to the developing world? In 1994, staff of Médecins Sans Frontières watched AIDS patients

Dr. James Orbinski Named a Top 25 Transformational Canadian [Globe and Mail]

James Orbinski, pragmatist with a heart for humanitarian medicine Globe & Mail, October 5, 2010 By Nick Rockel The Transformational Canadians program celebrates 25 living citizens who have made a difference by immeasurably improving the lives of others. Readers were invited to nominate Canadians who fit this description.

“TREAT TB” research aims for shorter and more effective MDR-TB treatment [Asian Tribune]

Asian Tribune, September 11, 2010 By Bobby Ramakant, CNS One of the main objectives of the “TREAT TB” research grant is to conduct a clinical trial to look at relatively shorter and more effective multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment than the current regimen for MDR-TB. “One of the colleagues had done a study in Bangladesh which

Will the world forfeit victory in the battle with AIDS? [Globe and Mail]

Globe & Mail, June 24, 2010 By James Orbinski and James Fraser In 2005 at the Gleneagles Summit – and in line with the UN General Assembly’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals – the G8 nations committed to ensuring universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment by 2010. Their performance on this promise has saved millions

A broken promise, paid for in lives [Globe and Mail]

As the G8 gathers this week, it leaves a legacy of failure on its biggest pledge: to provide every AIDS patient in Africa with life-saving drugs Globe & Mail, June 24, 2010 By Geoffrey York When they are told there’s no medicine, the patients react first with anger and suspicion, and sometimes tears. “We know

What Physicians Can Do to Reduce Inequity in Global Health [ConsultantLive]

ConsultantLive, April 23, 2010 By Susan B. Beck Managing Editor Early in his keynote address, James Orbinski, MD, Senior Fellow at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s leading scholars and scientists in global health, complimented the United States on the recent passage of its health care bill, a “seminal achievement” that he

Former head of Doctors Without Borders Dr. James Orbinski says find way to help people [Deseret News]

Deseret News, April 6, 2010 By Elizabeth Stuart Dr. James Orbinski led an international, Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization. He risked his own life to save others by taking medical care to the world’s most dangerous war zones. He developed life-saving medication for sick, dying people in the world’s poorest countries. But, Orbinski insists, he isn’t

To Hell and Back: Helping the world’s most desperate [CTV]

Watch Co-Founder Dr. James Orbinski on CTV: To Hell and Back: Helping the world’s most desperate CTV’s W5, April 3, 2010 By W5 Staff When massive tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti occur, the international community of humanitarians springs into action. From around the globe they react: medics, nurses, search and rescue experts, all focused